Guidelines for MAKS-2021 Participants

The Order Management System is intended for automation and management of your orders in framework of participation in MAKS. The functional and possibilities of your Personal Account may vary depending on the time left till the beginning of MAKS. Please, start you work with acceptance Terms and Conditions of Participation in Exhibitions held at Russia TEC, wich is integral part of the contract. In process OMS functions extend,the Guidelines can be upgrated. The Organizer reserves the right to notify the Participants of the most important changes by e-mail.


1. What for do you need the Personal Account? 

1.1. The Personal Account purpose is exhibition services ordering, including registration fees, exhibition space, badges and passes and technical services, for filling-in personal data on badges and passes and for work with accounting documents. The Personal Account is created after confirmation of your registration at

1.2. The following functions and data essential for your successful work in framework of MAKS can be presented in your Personal Account depending on your participation type:

  • form, store and access to your contract /non-type contract with AVIASALON JSC;
  • send, coordinate, store and access to service orders;
  • form, store and access to additional agreements to the contract;
  • form, store and access to other accounting and auxiliary documents in framework of your participation in MAKS;
  • accreditation for participation (for participants under the “Press” category);
  • access to the badges / passes management subsystem;
  • access to the match-making subsystem;


2. How to work in the Personal Account?


2.1. For participation in MAKS  you should submit a preliminary application for participation (register your company in the System through For this purpose, you should enter MAKS official website press REGISTRATION choose EXIBITION PROGRAMM button, fill in the required information and press button  SEND APPLICATION.

2.2. Manager confirms your application. After confirmation you’ll get the e-mail message with log-in and password sent automatically to the e-mail address indicated in the application form.

2.3. You will get access to the Order Management System. Next step is to  fill in, save and send your company's essential information and bank details  the contract conclusion. By filling in the details, please, press button SAVE then SEND.  

The customer manager will check and approve this form.

2.4. After submitting the bank details you receive the hole accesses to company account and you have a possibility to order services. The first applications you have to submit (using the link “Add a new application”) should be “Registration fee application”. The registration fees quantity is determined by the participant companies wich will exhibit on your exhibition stand (it mins the mai n exhibitor and co-exhibitors if scheduled).

2.5. In section "Your applications, agreements and payments" you can observe your contract, additional agreements, invoices and final documents, also you can upload them.   In column OPERATION you can download the payment notifications. For each additional agreement you will get the corresponding invoice.

Please, download the contract print out, sign, stamp and send scanned copies to the customer manager BEFORE PAYMENT.

2.6. Depending on the time remaining till the start of MAKS, and according to Terms and Conditions, you will have an opportunity to order other services, submit information for the catalogue, fill-in personal data for badges, carry out pass management, and print out certificates of acceptance, etc.